I was heavily involved in the Cal Poly CubeSat Lab (PolySat) during my undergraduate. While working there for 4 years, I have worked on many CubeSat missions in a variety of roles throughout various mission lifetimes. I list out my accomplishmets and various projects below. I also interned at JPL, working on the MarCO CubeSat which was highly relavent to my experience at the Cal Poly CubeSat Lab.

Electrical Engineer

2016 - 2020

  • Rigid and Flexible PCB design in OrCAD and Altium
  • Lead electrical design reviews
  • Design and test side panels and custom flat flex cables for 3 CubeSat missions (CP12-ExoCube2, CP14-ADE, C-SPOT)
  • Assist in design and testing of payload interface boards and various peripheral electronics for 6 CubeSat missions (CP10-ISX, CP12-ExoCube2, CP14-ADE, CP15-Spinnacker3, Falcon, C-SPOT)
  • Design updated ground support debugger for CubeSat flight computer utilizing USB
  • Oversee electrical - software interface and functionality testing
  • Test, verify, and validate flight electronic systems (Power, Communications, Command & Data Handling (C&DH))
  • Develop and troubleshoot embedded Linux flight computer utilizing Atmel processor
  • Tune and checkout flight UHF transceivers
  • Tune antennas using VNA (vector network analyzer)
  • Flight Assembly in Class 100,000 Clean Room
  • Review and improve testing procedures
  • Write documentation for assembly procedures, board modification procedures, and OrCAD design tutorials
  • Train new members in electrical system design, high speed digital design, and PCB design using OrCAD and Altium

Groundstation Lead

2017 - 2019

  • Organize operations team for various flight missions: CP-7 DAVE, CP-10 ISX, CP-12 ExoCube II
  • Train new members on groundstation infrastructure and operation
  • Maintain Cal Poly’s 3 UHF/VHF ground stations used for operating in-orbit spacecraft
  • Coordinate ground station team for spacecraft operations
  • Manage ground station projects (Ground Station In a Box, Local RF Noise Measurement Project)

Lab Manager

2018 - 2020

  • Consult for the start up of new CubeSat programs (LigerSat- Phnom Penh, Cambodia; Bronco Space-Cal Poly Pamona)
  • Lead lab restructuring and redevelopment effort to overhaul training, systems engineering, V&V (verification and validation) checkpoints, hardware development workflows, internal receiving inspections, internal review processes, documentation processes, procedure development, and management and team structures to improve lab efficiency and success
  • Manage CubeSat missions and projects in Cal Poly CubeSat Lab (CP-7 DAVE, CP-12 ExoCube 2, CP-14 ADE, CP-15 Spinnacker3, SWIS, NIAC, Pocket Rocket, Sensor Development)
  • Coordinate design and production timelines to ensure on-time delivery
  • Review discipline team processes to maximize quality
  • Delegate tasks with project and discipline leads to ensure balanced workload throughout engineering teams
  • Improve on system level and electronic subsystem design for early mission designs sharing core hardware used across Cal Poly CubeSat Lab missions
  • Meet with individual teams and team members to assist with testing and assembly tasks and scheduling
  • Improved lab recruiting process
  • Interim CP-12 ExoCube 2 Mission Manager